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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Serenity Print by JenniferLynnProducts

This month's entry of a photo by JenniferLynnProducts illustrates the perfect creepy place. Graveyards are spooky, beautiful places, and they are one of my favorite photographic subjects!

Jennifer Moore of
JenniferLynn Productions, LLC helps animals in a variety of ways. Though she can no longer take in animals, she often donates her art, goods, supplies, and money to many different animal causes.


  1. A unique and perfect entry... love all the green around the graves- peaceful in the daylight but probably a little scary at night !

  2. This is a beautiful print!

    Thanks so much for entering the challenge!

  3. Wow - bursting with life amid death. Great photo!

  4. Lovely photo. I just got back from a vacation and one of my aims was to take alot of "passageway" and "doorway" type photos to allow me to get sucked in to the picture and pull up memories of those places I saw. This one would fit the bill! It's calming and almost hypnotic.


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